Import of payment/credit cards and identities fail


It seems the import of payment/credit cards and identities from both LastPass and Dashlane fail. Is this a known bug?



No. What is the error?

There are no visible error:

  1. I have identities/credit/password/notes in LastPass/Dashboard
  2. I export the files and can confirm they contain the data
  3. I import the content of the file in Bitwarden
  4. the notes/password are imported, not the identities/credit cards.

I think they have been somehow imported, although not correctly. They appear with the card number as a number and the name as the URI. Not sure where the other info (expiry date, etc) went. For example:

Identities are also corrupted when imported. One of my ID’s address ended up in an item as below:

So very clearly there is a bug in the import function.

I hope this helps,