Import from 1Password created some issues

Hello, I imported my archive from 1Password, but unfortunately many items have been imported in a bit of a disorganized way. Many passwords are not saved into the “password” box but rather in the “value” box or elsewhere.
For other items like emails the passwords have completely being ignored and are now absent.

Do I have to fix all the items manually or is there a simpler fix to solve it?

Also the pattern is lacking some features of 1password, for example there is no PIN code for cards (which haven’t been imported by the way). Even if I create a new item I cannot edit it fully.
Do you intend on making a creation of an item in which the user can add or remove any kind of entry he wants?

Did you export to CSV or 1pif? I found the same problem with CSV but 1pif was fine. Also maybe worth selecting all logins and then exporting selected otherwise you may get trash items etc.

I exported it via CSV. Anyways I fixed them all manually.

Did you completely abandon 1password? I am liking this bitwarden but compared to 1password it seems a bit ugly and many features are missing…

So far yes, I like the fact it is open source and that I can host it. Used 1Password for many years but don’t like the new licensing model and the fact I can not upgrade without changing to it and losing my standalone. Bitwarden also fills in forms quicker on my iOS devices the 1P as it doesn’t load any pretty screens it just works.

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Hey there.
Former 1password user, I’m glad I found Bitwarden.
I imported from 1pif file but still the PIN field on Credit cards was not imported. I created new hidden fields and entered the pins by myself. No biggie.