Customizing import from 1Password

I’m trying out Bitwarden as an alternative to 1Password. I’ve exported a .1pux file from 1Password that I want to use as my starting point. When importing into Bitwarden, what parts of the .1pux archive are used?

I ask because there’s a bunch of stuff I don’t want imported, for instance anything with "state": "archived" in the JSON. I’d like to strip that stuff out, then rebuild the .1pux for import into Bitwarden without it. Is that likely to cause any inconsistent state with the import? Also, what files within the .1pux (which is just a renamed .zip) need to be present in the result? Can I also get rid of things in the files/ directory (which might leave dangling references to files) that I don’t want to import?

For anyone interested in the particular use case of removing “archived” elements from a 1Password .1pux file, here’s a little recipe:

  1. Export from 1Password to a .1pux file in /tmp/. In my case, it exported as 1PasswordExport-YVDIJ323CJG2NIGGKOPMMFL6K4-20220716-113131.1pux.
  2. Open and cd /tmp.
  3. Extract the file from the archive and use jq to remove any non-active entries in your vaults:
unzip -qc 1PasswordExport-YVDIJ323CJG2NIGGKOPMMFL6K4-20220716-113131.1pux | \
jq 'del(.accounts[].vaults[].items[] | select(.state!="active"))' >
  1. Put the new file back into the archive:
zip 1PasswordExport-YVDIJ323CJG2NIGGKOPMMFL6K4-20220716-113131.1pux

The .1pux file is now ready to be imported into Bitwarden or similar.


Thanks, I often export the file as csv, which should be readable by Bitwarden or any password manager.

Yeah, for getting basic information imported, a CSV should be fine. I’ve been storing a lot of auxiliary information in 1Password relating to each account, so I’m taking my time experimenting with imports to try not to lose any info I need.

In addition - it looks like “tags” in 1Password get imported as “folders” in Bitwarden, and “vaults” in 1Password (e.g. the vaults I share with various members of my family) aren’t reflected at all after the import that I can tell. I don’t use tags in 1P, so I think I’ll add the vault names as tags so they become folders. (And I need to do this after the export - 1Password doesn’t have any way to tag multiple items at once that I can find.)