Import is not enabled

New user here. Wanted to import from LastPass. I have my LP csv file.
I’m on Firefox on Linux.

But when I go into Settings, under Tools, Import Items,
it only opens a help page. There’s no import dialogue! Nothing where to point to the file and upload.
(help page that it opens: bitwarden com/help/import-from-lastpass)
I don’t want a help page. I want to import!

Help, please.

Hi @Timmbits, welcome!

The reason it sends you to the help site is to convey that you’ll need to import using the web vault.

Logging into the web vault will allow you to input the LP csv :+1:

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Thanks very much.

Makes me wonder why it’s in the extension’s menu if it doesn’t do anything. :confused:

Well… actually it does do something:

  1. It tells you that you can import this data
  2. It points you do a documentation on how to do it.