Tools Import option opens new browser window, does not give any import options

The following does not work, there is NO input screen, it just opens that help page in a new browser window. This worked in the past, clearly a bug. And the directions also talk about a command line using the bm commnad, well that must be old as there is NO bm executable, not under windows.

When trying to import data, following the directions, it says to "To import data to your vault:

Select Tools from the top navigation bar.

Select Import Data from the Tools menu.

From the format dropdown, choose a file format.

Select Choose File and add the file to import or copy/paste the contents of your file into the input box.

anyone who know of this problem and any work around to import data, please answer!!!

Hello @letsgobrandon2022 - welcome to the forums!

Quick question - are you trying to import from the web vault interface or from the Windows desktop app?

If you want to import data, you MUST use the web vault interface. If you try it through the desktop app or a mobile app, it will open that help page to provide you with instructions on how you can perform the import from within the web vault interface.

You can also use the Bitwarden Command Line Interface (CLI) which actually is available for Windows, but most people just use the Web Vault.

I hope that helps! Cheers.