Identity autofil help

I’m new to Bitwarden and am sill trying to figure it out. The last thing in my queue (yeah right) is Identity autofil. I have figured out how to make that happen but there are two problems.

  1. When I click on my identity, my name doesn’t get autofilled. My address, etc get autofilled but not my name.
  2. When I autofil a card, the card number and expiration year gets autofilled but the expiration month gets autofilled as a 1 (Jan) and not a 9 (Sep). It should be a 9 since that’s what my Identity says.

I have double and triple checked the Identity and all of the fields are filled in correctly.

If anyone has any ideas, please help.

How well the autofill performs is dependent on how a particular web form is coded. If fields are named so it’s obvious what is expected, then it is likely to work. For example, a name field called “name” or “fullname” should autofill fine, whereas it’s unlikely to work if it’s called “n” or “customer”.

This applies to all autofill behaviour, not just identities. If you have a common site you use that never autofills correctly, have a look at the names used for the form fields and add custom fields to your vault entry. Extending the example above, if a form you regularly complete requires your full name and that field is called “n”, then add a custom field with the name “n” and give it your name as its value.

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