Autofill of my name, address, etc is not happening

When I right-click in the field and choose Bitwarden, it says, “No matching loins”. I beg to disagree. This is where I like Lastpass which is so easy and efficient. How can it say there are no logins when I have already set up my name with all the relevant details?

In Bitwarden, the right-click auto-fill function is strictly for auto-filling of login credentials.

To auto-fill identity information (e.g., name, address, etc.), you must first open the browser extension (click the Bitwarden icon pinned at the top of your browser, or use one of the available keyboard shortcuts — e.g., Ctrl+Shift+Y in Chrome).

After opening the browser extension, if you don’t see the available identities list on the Tab page of the browser extension, go to the Settings page, then click “Options”; on the Options page, enable the option “Show identities on Tab page”.

If “Show identities on Tab page” is already enabled, you should see the available Identity items listed as soon as you open the browser extension. Just click on the one that you want to auto-fill the corresponding information.

Thank you. Good to know about context menu limitations.

I went to the extension options and see that it is already checked. Clicking on the name in the tab, l it only fills in the name, but not the phone number. The phone number is there in the identity already but it doesn’t get entered.

It could be an issue with how the website has implemented the HTML code for the telephone number input field (i.e., it may be coded in such a way that it is not recognizable as a phone number field to Bitwarden).

If this is a specific web form that you anticipate needing to autofill frequently, you should be able to add a custom field to your Identity item, with a custom field name that matches the id attribute of the HTML input field on the web form.

Okay, thanks. I am familiar with HTML, anyway.