Form Fill on Bitwarden

Does Bitwarden form fill? I have an identity but if i right click on the form, autofill says…no matching website found. What am i doing wrong…Thank you

I have the same question - cannot figure out how to do an identity form fill

The way I understand is you open the extension and click the identity and it will fill the form, doesn’t work for me though…I’m lost to Michael?

did you find solution ? having same problem

Yes I did, did you figure it out?

No am a bit thick, how did you do it please.:thinking:

When your on your form fill page, go to Bitwarden on the Tab page, and click on your Identites, Which is probably your name, mine is at the bottom of the Tab page.

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That’s exactly how it works. On any form, open the extension, go to Identities and select the user whose details you want to fill in.

Did any of you import those identities from another program like Lastpass? If so, it appears the fields were not correctly imported (at least in my case). Once I edited the imported identity then it would allow me to fill forms with that identity. I have not tried it on Android yet but it appears to work in the Windows 10 Chrome extension.

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It would be nice if the form fills were listed under “auto-fill” or adding another option with “form-fill” or something similar for identities / cards.

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I can’t see how to fill forms or cards on an iPad

Hi AMD, this is in the web extension, not iOS. From a help article:

The ability to autofill identities and cards is only available with the Bitwarden web browser extension at this time. Unfortunately, mobile platforms such as Android and iOS do not support these types of autofill functions.

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@go12 I’m puzzled by this as 1Password for iOS would always allow me to use an identity or credit card form fill card even if a login match didn’t exist. I can’t seem to do that with Bitwarden on iOS.