I am getting NO special characters in generated passwords

All I get are UPPER and lower case alphabetic letters and Arabic numerals. Many websites require special characters to create an account. THANK YOU!

Can you check the settings in the password generator?

Typically in the client, either with the dedicated Password Generator or when creating a new login entry, there should be options to set which character sets you would like the generator to use.
i.e. A-Z, a-z, 0-9, [email protected]#$%^&*

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Thank you! My Bitwarden window looks nothing like what you show. Is there a difference between Basic Bitwarden and Premium in this regard and in the generation of special characters?

There are many different Bitwarden clients. The screen capture that @cksapp showed above is the browser extension. The interface may look a bit different if you are using a mobile app, a desktop app, or the web interface to your vault, but the same options are always available if you navigate to the Generator tab. The interface is available in the Basic and Premium versions of all clients. You just need to click to enable special characters and then the password generator will include them in all new passwords you create in Bitwarden.

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Thank you Bitwarden community!


I’m having the same issue, but changing the settings in the web app does NOT persist after the page is closed. Changing the options in the desktop app (Mac) doesn’t affect the options in the web app. Seems like settings ought to apply to the user account, not to a specific app or web page?

hi @dec4106! currently, each client maintains unique settings. and we are looking into the current persistence behavior on the web app