Generated Password on the Website is stronger than Desktop App & Browser Extensions

The Password Generator on the Bitwarden Website looks more appealing & stronger with more variations in Special Characters than its counterparts Desktop App & Browser Extensions. Why is it so?

Is there any setting that I need to tweak?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Website >>>

Chrome Extension >>>

Desktop App >>>

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Interesting. In all client apps (including the web vault), the password generator tool is limited to 8 special characters ([email protected]#$%^&*), but for some reason, the stand-alone password generator (Strong Password Generator | Bitwarden) uses a broader selection of special characters — even though the “special characters” option is labeled “[email protected]#$%^&*” (as it is for the password generator in the Bitwarden clients).

Here is a random 128-character password generated using only special characters (to provide a sample of the characters available):

_=,(*|(}>];:<>?(/^(`^?/[&;"@<{%.`"[<]^"=!*:|?!"<,]^@$)(<}{%&;__/>$)_:_+_<*:*::<$_~*{~<^**$-`=+*~^^(}[email protected]:^~`|+~!`*:{<<`/)|^",@-~}@

I would call this a “bug”, if the intention of the stand-alone password generator is to provide a preview of the in-app password generator tool available to Bitwarden users.