"Online" password generator

When I use the password generator under Bitwarden Web Vault, I can set the options regarding length, use of numbers, special characters etc. These settings are stored with my login. But: when I’m on any website generating a new login, and call up Bitwarden/Generate password (copied), the algorithm will not keep to my personal settings. It’s always a 14 chars password wthout special characters. Why?
This is annoying, because nearly all websites require a password including special chars.
The best solution would be just to apply your personal presets also in this case.

The right-click menu functions are implemented by the browser extension. Thus, you can change the default options for the right-click password generator by opening the browser extension, clicking on the Generator icon (:arrows_counterclockwise:) at the bottom, and then configuring your preferred generator settings in the extension. These settings will be remembered until you change them again.