How to share with my wife

I want to share the vault with my wife and we both be able to modify. I tried with the Premium account and create an Organization called Family but when adding a new Login from the phone, I can’t put it in Family Organization. Do I need a Family account to do what I want? And if so, how do I upgrade to Family from Premium?

If you just want to share with one other user (your wife) you can take advantage of the Free Organizations feature of Bitwarden:


How do I add an existing login entry to the Organization from my iPhone Bitwarden app? From what I see, I can only do that from the web page.

View the item, then click the three-dot options icon at the top right of the window and choose Share.

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Thank you David. One last question. I can’t see how to unshare. Does it have to do with Collections?

No problem - glad you got it working!

You actually can’t ‘unshare’ an item from an organization. Instead, just clone it into your personal vault, take ownership, and then delete the version in the organization (always best to do a backup of the organization’s vault first, especially if you are making numerous changes).