How do I share passwords with my wife?

I have my own hosted version of bitwarden. I just got my wife signed into bitwarden. I cannot figure out how to share passwords with my wife. What am I missing? I see ways to send her secret notes… but not a password that is saved to my vault. The way I see it, if I send her a secret note, she will always have that old note even if I changed it… I want if I change a password that she always sees the updated password for that shared password.

You need to create an Organization with both of your accounts as organization members, then set up a Collection and ensure that the permissions are configured the way you want them, and finally create vault items that are stored in the shared collection.

If you want her to have her own separate vault (that’s the way my wife and I do it*), this is how you can send her a password.

  1. Copy the password
  2. Choose to Send
  3. Choose “Text” as the type of Send
  4. Paste the password into the text field
  5. Send it to her.

When she gets the send she can copy the decrypted text and add it as a password.

*I prefer to have our own separate vaults because my sign-ins are more critical and I prefer to have complete control over my security. We did it like this for years with Lastpass.

If you both want to share an account, grb’s advice is the way to go.

@SurferAl The method I described does require separate Bitwarden accounts for the husband and wife. Each person has their own personal vault, which contains items that cannot be accessed by the other person. Setting up an Organization is for the purpose of creating a third vault (the organization’s vault) that will contain only shared credentials (seen by both husband and wife).

Two users sharing the same Bitwarden account is in fact not permitted by Bitwarden’s Terms of Service.

The disadvantage of the method that you have described (using the “Send” feature to allow your spouse to create a copy of the password for a jointly used website) is that if the login password is ever changed, you need to manually update the password in both vaults, which is prone to errors.

With a single vault item (stored in the organization vault), there will never be an issue with two item copies getting out of sync.

Thanks. I’ll look into that.