Sharing without organization?

Hi. I’m evaluating Bitwarden as a move from LastPass and so far I absolutely love what I saw, with a few little niggling things that I hope will be addressed with existing tickets in the queue (e.g. ability to login with both PIN and Fingerprint at the same time, using a PIN on the desktop for the next 30 days after typing in the full master password)

One thing I’m confused about is the ability to share from the free user account - I intend to buy the family plan but until I do, I got the impression that I can still share an entry with someone even using the free account - but I didn’t find how to do that using the Chrome extension and didn’t find anything in the forums or the online help.

Can someone point me in the right direction?


You still use an Organization to do this. That’s the only way to share a password.

I’m evaluating as you are… have been for a bit now. I’m using the free version for the moment. I created an organization, that I’m sharing with my wife for our shared accounts. I believe the free vesion only lets you share with one person. I only had one to share with for now, so it’s not a limitation. The family plan gets you up to 5 people.

I agree, the model can be a bit confusing. I’ve also mentioned that the pricing is confusing as well, but I think I understand it now. Don’t agree with it… but understand.

Thanks. I managed to create an organisation as a free user.

I am doing exactly the same to share passwords with my partner. I wanted to use u2F 2FA but I can’t find a price for upgrading a 2 user organization to premium. Do I have to pay $10 to upgrade each user account? Do I buy a family, up to 5 users, will that cover the organization aspect? Can I upgrade just one account in the organization?

Hello @Ken_PDX - welcome!

If you and your wife both upgrade to a Premium subscription, that will enable the ability to use the more secure two-step login methods. And you can continue to use your Free Organization between you and your wife as long as you like. If you want more advanced features from the organization, then you might consider upgrading to a Family Organization instead.

More details are here:

and here: