Need help on 2 person sharing

I’m following the procedure documented in the Get Started with Organizations. I have my account, and I created an account for my wife. I created an organization and a collection. I am now at the step to add user… I can’t determine if I add my user, my wife’s user, or a new user. If the answer is a new user, will we each log in to this new user to access our shared passwords?

If you are logged into your Bitwarden account, you create the Organization. You are already one member of this two person Organization. So you want to invite your wife to become the second member. She will get an E-mail. If she accepts. you then have to acknowledge that she accepted (Last step is what I recall.).

You do this from the Web Vault — Organization >> Manage >> People

Now look for the ‘+ Invite User’ button at the top right. After she is added you can assign her to have the same User status and controls as you do. Just click on her E-mail address.

See here for details (if you aren’t already here):
[Organizations | Bitwarden Help & Support]

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Thanks,frank1940 for your response. I have successfully complete the steps you listed, but there is an additional step documented in the Ge616789. The next step is to create a Login

Share a Login

The last step on the road to secure sharing is to share a Vault item. Any existing or new Vault item can be shared from your Organization Vault or Personal Vault. For this guide, we’ll go over sharing a new Login from your Personal Vault:

  1. On the My Vault page, select the Add Item button.
  2. Fill in all the relevant information for your new Login item (e.g. Username and Password).
  3. In the Ownership section at the bottom of the Add Item Panel, select your Organization to designate the item for sharing.
  4. Select one or more Collections to share this item into. You must select at least one Collection.
  5. Select the Save button to finishing creating the shared item

My question is is this a different login from mine and my wife’s? If so, do we have to both login to this new entity.

I have posted a request for update to the Get Started with Organizations tutorial to clarify this.

The “new login” that the article refers to is an item in your vault. It isn’t a new user - you and your wife already have user accounts set up. These instructions are just explaining how to share your first item between you and your wife.

Thanks danullen. I created a new login under my collection and named it Sharing and saved. The sharing instructions state that items can only be shared from the web vault. I went to my web vault and selected logins. The instructions say hover over the item you want to share and select the gear dropdown. I hovered but never got a gear dropdown. Any thoughts on what I might be doing worng?

When you look at your list of logins in the web vault, you should be able to hover over them and see a little cog icon to the right hand side, as circled below:


Clicking the cog gives various options, including the option to share an item. Make sure you’re on the “My vault” page and you can see all your items. If you still don’t see the cog when you hover over an item, it’s possibly an issue with your browser. Which browser do you use and are you on the latest version?

Another way you can share an item is to select the checkbox to the left of it, then click on the small cog icon at the very top of the screen. Here is what appears at the top of your list of vault items:


Also, you can share from the browser extension too, not just the web vault. In the extension, find the item you want to share, click on it to view the details and then click “Share item” at the bottom. (It’s just above the “Delete” option.)

Thanks danmullen. For whatever reason the first to methods you mention don[t work, but the web extension share does allow me to check share and save it. I’ll go to my wife’s bitwarden and check to verify it has the login that I shared.

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The hover and click clog method should work from this address in your browser: