How to save multiple usernames for one account like "abc" and "[email protected]"


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Please provide some information to explain the context of what you are trying to do.

A simple solution would be store the abc username in the Username field, and to create a custom field for storing the email address ([email protected]).

For example, when logging into gmail with the username “abc” or “[email protected]”, you can still access the same account. But Bitwarden save 2 username diffrent

Are there different login forms that accept only the abc userame or only the [email protected] username? If so, could you please provide URLs (links) to those login forms?

Almost all services allow such access: fb, gmail, outlook, some forums, … users can access using usernames like “abc” or “abc@example” or phone numbers. access the same account. Why hasn’t bitwarden done that and saved them in one item?

If the login page accepts either [email protected] or just abc when logging in, why do you need to store both in Bitwarden? If there is only a single field on the login form for inputting this information, it wouldn’t make sense for Bitwarden to attempt auto-fill abc and [email protected] (and a phone number) into the same input field.

If you would like to store the alternative versions of the username in a single login items for whatever reason, just create some custom fields to hold these values.

Do you understand, I want convenience, I’m saving the item as you said, as “abc” 1 item, “abc@example” 1 item, “phone number” 1 item. Then there are two problems: it will add other accounts in the list and look confusing. Another problem is that when I change the password, I will have to change all 3 items “abc” and “abc@example” and “phone number” would be very inconvenient.

If you are having the problems that you describe, then you are most definitely not saving the item as I said.

You are evidently creating three separate login items (for what reason, I have no idea). This is what is creating the two problems that you described (multiple accounts matching, and having to change passwords in multiple login items).

If you insist on storing the redundant username, email address and telephone number in Bitwarden, then what you should do instead is to store the password (and URI) in a single login item, and save the email address and phone number as custom fields (I already linked the help documentation for this feature twice above, so I won’t link it again).

This will solve both of your problems.

In case it’s still not clear — it should look like this when you have set it up correctly: