Support Username Alias and Emails

Feature name

  • Username Alias + Email Support

Feature function

  • Allow for multiple usernames/aliases just like domain aliases. (Just one additional username field could be enough).
  • Include an email field with every login to help sort and organize passwords of different accounts (like Dashlane). The email could also be an alias in some cases.

In brief, addition of two fields for every login: Additional Username, Email.

Yes having an email field or an additional username field would be great
You can also use a custom field - but that is a temporary solution

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I do admire the great support you provide to this forum.
But I however cannot agree with your statement that custom fields are a temporary solution.
Custom fields - from my point of view - are so much better than pre-defined fields. With pre-defined fields there will always be use cases that this or that is missing. With custom fields on the other hand you just create what you need or want. And if one does not want to create the same custom fields again and again, then just create templates and then use “Clone Item”:


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Thanks for correcting me. Yes, definitely custom fields are powerful and a great feature.

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Thanks for the input @vachan and @Peter_H. When I imported my passwords from 1Pass and Dashlane, the additional fields were appended as custom fields, but Bitwarden search and filter tools didn’t seem to index them, so I figured that they cannot be used for categorization. This is what prompted me to make a new feature request thread. Is there any way to use custom fields to allow me to find specific logins with emails?

Is this what you are looking for?

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I miss this. I have several accounts with multiple usernames and the same password, for example everything related to my student mail have slight variations on how to enter the username (username, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], …) and they do have the same password… because they are all really the same account.

I would like to being able to set variations of my username as described above.

Oh awesome! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!