Best way for 2 BW acc and 1 browser

My wife and I use the same chrome profile on desktop. But we have 2 different Bitwarden accounts.
What is the best way to use our own accounts with the same browser profile?

If I open Chrome on desktop I don’t see what bitwarden account is used if I would login. I have to complete logout from the plugin to see if this is my mail address or from my wife.

It would be great to see a history of used accounts / mail addresses. So i can choose my mail address to login with my password. And my wife can choose her mail address.

I hope you can understand.

Isn’t this a duplicate to this? :thinking:

Just a tip:
When I used LastPass, I saved all the vaults I had to manage and access for each person. My bride and mom know nothing about password managers, so I have to manage it all by myself.

Luckily I’m on a personal computer, what makes it harder for someone to break in and retrieve the logins and sensitive data. But I wouldn’t ever log in to my vault somewhere public I couldn’t trust to copy/paste and manage all those logins (when auto-fill doesn’t work properly).

Yes but you don’t respond to the other question. With KeePass you have this option.

And my wife kwow about password managers so she can manage it by her self. But at the moment it isn’t comfortable with bitwarden because you can’t quick select the acc to login. First you have to complete sign out and not only log out to use a other acc to sign in.

Wouldn’t a more ‘solid’ approach be to separate your Chrome profiles, which would then allow each of you to have your own extension within your Chrome profile? I don’t see many extensions that allow 2 accounts logged in at the same time within one extension.

I agree with other points though, there’s no reason why BW login shouldn’t be displayed somewhere in settings and used BW logins could be a dropdown if more than 1 was used within this installation.

Why two accounts logged in at the same time? Only one. But it is better if there is a way to select the account I want to login in. Drop down is a good suggestion.

Now I have to complete sign out to switch to a other account. That’s not user friendly.