Is there any way to automatically update identical passwords after changing one of them?

Recent Lastpass transplant here. For my work, I use several internal sites that use the same back end password for logging in, so when I change the password this change gets applied across all of these sites. One feature I really liked about Lastpass was that when I changed a password, it would offer to update any identical passwords to the new password. Does Bitwarden have anything similar? Thanks!

Just add the URLs of all sites to a single item. This way you still only have to change your password once.


That’s cool, I didn’t realize you could have multiple URIs for the same vault item. This will help for sure. It’s not quite the same, because some of these sites have different login names (e.g. email address vs employee number) while using the same password. But I’m guessing I can probably use Custom Fields to get Bitwarden to autofill the correct username for the different sites, I just need to sit down and figure out how to get it to work. Thank you!

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I am using the same password fpr multiple logins. Sometimes the company name is amemded, sometimes not.

So cannot use the same username in each case.

It would ne nice if bitwarden could update all at once

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I have found that the Custom Fields option (along with using multiple URI’s) works very well. For my work I have multiple usernames and log into multiple websites, all with the same password. Just today I was forced to change my company password, and I only had to make a single PW change in Bitwarden.

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How do you handle the scenario for multiple login names sharing the same password?

Based on the URL, I know if the login name is my email or my corporate id, but the password is the same.

I believe you could just create password profiles without a username as a work around to that, otherwise I think you will just have to create a username only profile for each URL:/

Hello @mattiasthalen - you might be able to add custom fields to your login item in BW to store an email and/or corporate ID in addition to a username. This way, they should autofill at your login pages. But whether or not this works depends on how the login form is constructed on your company’s websites.

Thanks, works almost perfect :stuck_out_tongue:
My issue is that BW always uses what’s in Username, I would have liked it if the custom fields had higher priority.

Ever tried to leave the username empty ?

Yes, that works. Not as nice as letting the custom fields take priority :slight_smile: