How to migrate logins to Bitwarden without plain text psswords?

I want to migrate from 1password 6 to Bitwarden.

The only export/import options I can see are .1pif and .csv files. Both crry the passwoards as plaintext.

I don’t want this. How can I migrate my logins from 1Password to Bitwarden without having the passwords in plain text?

afaik 1Password does not support encrypted export, see this article.

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Thanks, @CJMAXiK. Is there any way to convert the exported 1Password CSV locally Into an encrypted file and import that into Bitwarden’s cloud vault?

Why would you need that, exactly?

I don’t want to send all my passwords in plaintext to the cloud.

If I could encrypt them beforehand I’d do something like this:

  1. I disconnect my computer from the Internet.
  2. I export the unencrypted file from1P.
  3. I convert it to a file with encrypted passwords.
  4. I delete the unencrypted file (not only move it to the bin!)
  5. I reconnect to the internet
  6. I import the encrypted file into my Bitwarden vault

This is unproductive. Your connection is secured by HTTPS, which is a secure connection. As long as you don’t have any 3rd party root certificates installed, you should be fine without that.

Bitwarden only supports their own encrypted JSON format.

@waldalla Please note that when you import a plain-text .csv file, the Bitwarden Web Vault app will fully encrypt the data locally (using AES-256) on your device before transmitting the encrypted data to the cloud servers (and, as noted by @CJMAXiK, there is further TLS encryption performed by the HTTPS protocol used to communicate with the server). Thus, there is really no benefit in starting with an encrypted file when doing an import.


Thanks @grb. This makes total sense. Great explanation!

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