1password 8 to Bitwarden data export

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I am currently using 1password 8 on windows, mac and iphone. I want to switch to bitwarden. I exported my data from 1password 8 mac as 1pux. When I import this data in bitwarden through web login, It duplicates almost every entry in bitwarden. I tried this 4 times by exporting and importing.
Then I exported from 1password as CSV and imported the data in bitwarden, everything imported correctly in 1st attempt.
The only issue is there are no website addresses exported which syncs icons.

Anyone else face

Note: Your question may already be answered in the Bitwarden Help Center.

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Hi @mintu and welcome to the community :tada:

Please have a look at our instructions for importing from 1password here.

Please check which export format you are using (1pux, 1pif, csv) and make sure to select the correct importer on the web vault.

The duplication of data is expected if you import multiple times. This is also noted in our instructions.

After the import the vault should refresh, if for any reason data is not shown, please log out, back in again and then check if your imported items appear, before triggering a new import.

To purge your vault before a fresh import, please click on the user symbol on the top right of the web vault and select Account settings. On the bottom of the My Account page, you can find a button to purge your vault. Only do this if you are sure you have a backup of all your data, as this will remove all items from your vault permanently.

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