Import URL and passwords stocked in CSV file

I’m sorry for my poor english, so I’ll sometimes use Google Translate. So, it’s not my fault but Google’s. :sweat_smile:
I use Bitwarden since yesterday. Before, I used Dashlane that can export and import datas in an CSV file. So, with my average 30 passwords, I want to know if there is a similar function. :thinking:
Bests, Marc.

On the Webpage Bitwarden Vault go to Tools and you will see an option for Import and Export.

Thanks a lot. But, before, I must arrange the CSV file before import it.

There is an option for the Dashline format which you can choose. Check help article I think the format is json

Export from dashlane in JSON format is very easy. Import the JSOn file in my safe-box easy ? Non. Because, all links are not the correct link. Example :

I have a same problem importing 1Password as all logins are in custom fields. I don’t have a fix. I am manually adding my passwords. Or you can do custom CSV as a fix. It is at bottom of help article.

Should I tell myself that if I only have problematic links, I can consider myself happy? :thinking: :pensive:

You can submit a bug report if you want. It is what I am doing.

Thanks, I didn’t noticed it. I’ll do it right now.