Have to pull down virtual android keyboard in order for autofill to work

Feature name =
Autofill is enabled while android virtual keyboard is ‘running’

OR alternative feature =
Complete autofill for every login form that it recognizes inside browsers or apps that you use without needing to go to the Bitwarden vault during specified timeout period.

The problem on my Android 10 phone is that every time I go to a website on mobile browser and want Bitwarden autofill feature to pop up, it just flickers for a third of second and goes away. I tried to tap it while it flickers, have tried that for 30 times now and it still doesn’t work. I have auto-fill enabled and screen overwrite and I have given Bitwarden literally access to anything on my phone but it doesn’t work UNTIL I swipe down my virtual keyboard. Then the blue Bitwarden label appears solidly and I can tap it and it will lead me to logins in my vault.

This new feature means Bitwarden Android will also work when your browser prompts up a keyboard because of a login and doesn’t require for you to pull down the keyboard (by swiping/pressing arrow back button on your phone).

Something that would solve this problem altogether would be a truly auto-filling feature where it will automatically fill in a login when it recognizes the login (like the experimental feature in the desktop browser). This would mean that if your Bitwarden app timeout is set to 20 minutes, during that 20 minutes Bitwarden automatically fills in forms that it recognizes in browsers or apps unless otherwise specified.

It will bring user friendliness and make Bitwarden experience faster and avoids annoyance.

I have this problem both with Android stock keyboard and SwiftKey. It doesn’t matter if I log in in Bitwarden beforehand or disable Google auto-fill (which I never use because it’s less safe).

I requested virtual keyboard or drag n’ drop in split window mode (without copy and paste) to get around the glitches that you mentioned but so far no response. I hope Bitwarden provides better support for Android version 10 or older.

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