Auto-Fill Problem with app on Android 10


I’m using the auto-fill service of Android 10 and would like to fill a PIN into this banking app.

The auto-fill pop-up doesn’t show up when bitwarden is selected in the android autofill settings.
When I use e.g. Keepass2Android in the autofill settings the pop-up shows up.

Why does the pop-up not show with bitwarden?
Has anyone solved such issues with other apps?

Thanks in advance!

OnePlus 7
Oxygen OS 10.0.5 (Android 10)

I created an issue on github for this problem.

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i’m having problem with Android apps auto fill as well with this particular apps ( Most of the Android apps that I’ve tried works well.

When i click on username/password field, i get the pop up/overlay “Auto-fill with Bitwarden. Go to my vault” and i was asked to select the matched vault item. Once the vault item is selected, the username/password info from the vault item is not copied to username/password field.

Here’s my phone info:
OnePlus 7T
Oxygen OS 10.3.8.HD65AA

Not sure whether this is the same issue happened to the the user above.