Full CAPTCHA on Every Login?


Is it normal to be asked to select pictures of vehicles by type for the CAPTCHA for every single login (including in browser extensions)? I don’t run into that often elsewhere with Google’s CAPTCHAs but, I see Bitwarden is using a different system. I am just trying out Bitwarden so far and, it is already getting annoying. I confirmed that there are no browser security extensions installed in the test browser. Anything else to adjust? Or does it just do that every time?

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Hi @evermorian, you may be seeing this a lot if you’re trying Bitwarden on different platforms with new devices. You can also check to see if your vault is set to lock, or log out on vault timeout.

Using any privacy or ad-blocking extension that supports domain-level whitelisting (e.g. uBlock Origin) will work as expected: just make sure to whitelist hcaptcha.com.


Captcha is new and annoying. Not a feature.

Require Mfa but eliminate this crap.


…just make sure to whitelist hcaptcha.com .

Blacklist you mean!

Captchas serve only to infuriate your users and, in the context of a password manager are even more completely and utterly pointless than they are on websites.

The whole point of a password manager is to remove the friction from using secure passwords on websites I visit. I already have a complex master password I can use to login to my Bitwarden account. I don’t need a stinking Captcha thrown at me as well.

So, as a precaution against the the possibility of being annoyed by a Captcha on login, I’ve now set my vault to never time-out on all my devices. Result: My Bitwarden vaults are now far less secure than they were before you added this pointless Captcha nonsense.

Please remove it!