Captcha problems on Vivaldi and Brave

I am having the same issue. I was able to log into Bitwarden on Vivaldi with no problem for about a week. Now, it is trying to display a captcha but, I can’t see it so I can’t log in! I am not able to log in on Brave either. I am 100% sure the user and password are correct since I have been using them for at least a week with no issues. I am about to ditch Bitwarden and go back to Lastpass.

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I gave your post its own thread instead of continuing an old 2022 topic that was probably not related to your issues.

Please clarify what operating system you are using, and what Bitwarden apps you have tried to log in on (e.g., Web Vault app, Desktop app, Mobile app, Browser extension, and/or Command-Line Interface).

And to be clear, no matter whether you use the Vivaldi browser or Brave browser, Bitwarden seems to be trying to display a Captcha challenge, but the Captcha is not visible? Could you post a screenshot of this behavior?

Can you try this on a different browser or different device, to see if you get a different result?

Finally, have you gotten in touch with Bitwarden’s customer support about your issue?

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Thank you. It looks like the issue was due to Internet problems.

Another question, how do I disable the captchas? If I have to go through that silly excersize everytime I won’t be able to deal with hit.


The hCaptcha cannot be enabled or disabled by the user.

However, the hCaptcha challenges are usually only imposed after there have been a sequence of 9 unsuccessful login attempts, as a way of providing protection in case of a brute force attack against your account.

Have you been receiving any email notices from <[email protected]> about Failed Login Attempts?

What happens if you log in the Web Vault app, then click your profile icon (circled initials) in the top right corner, select “Log Out”, and subsequently log back in? Do you still get an hCaptcha challenge on the second login?