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Any way to get bitwarden to actually help? They will not reply to my support tickets. Extremely disappointed with this service. Breaks my login. I cannot log in anymore, anywhere. Extension prompts the ever-annoying captcha, click the boxes, and I get a check, click the login and I get a captcha error. Gotten past that error maybe once, and then says my login credentials are incorrect ( they are not ). Try the google app, doesn’t get past captcha. What is the problem??? Do i need to worry my passwords have been compromised???

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It looks like you may not be the only one @kindkatz - see here:

The support link is at the bottom of the thread in case you were using something different.

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But not one reply from official bitwarden, what is wrong? or an update? I have filled out a support ticket twice and waited a week for a reply. I need those passwords. Most are on a backup, but unfortunately, when I discovered bitwarden, I stopped writing them down. And still worry this was a leak, with no info on real problem??? All I think I heard was a captcha was added because of a security problem.

If you are a premium subscriber, @kindkatz, I would have expected a response very quickly. I would try again, just in case.

Meaning, pay money for their service? No, I’m using the free model, and would never pay after this experience.

Hi @kindkatz can you check your account to confirm what email is attached to your Bitwarden account? Are you seeing the same behaviour on all platforms?

So you are using a completely free service, but you are upset that you are not getting priority support? I think we have found the root of the problem here.

I don’t know if they are getting support either?? If it was a widespread problem, I would have thought an announcement of some sort would be appropriate.

I cannot log into my account. Other than knowing, and what I wrote down as backup, how do I check if my email is attached to that bitwarden account. I mean i tried logging in with the only two other emails I have. Also tried logging into the vault with three different browsers.

Hi @kindkatz, when signing up for Bitwarden you should have received an email, you should be able to use that to confirm the correct email.

I checked all three emails. I couldn’t find anything under bitwarden, concerning sign-up. I Downloaded the extension through chrome and used it. Had to still signup, as I was putting in a password to log in. It was before when I would click the extension, it would go to login page. It did an update. Now it goes to a new screen with login, enterprise, create an account. And I can’t log back in

So Bitwarden’s emails aren’t reaching you? That explains why you never heard back from Bitwarden support, then.

I am thinking that the two most likely explanations are: (1) their emails are in your Junk folder or (2) you made a typo in your email address when you created your account, which also explains why you can’t login again.

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I have the same error but for some reason i’m able to login on the android app and not on the PC.

Hi @singhdefi - welcome.

See the advice here - it may be of help to you:

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So I noticed something. I’m unable to login only when I type my password, if I copy paste it from notepad then there’s no issue. Also, I double checked my password and email but still the same result. TIA.

Edit- I changed my master password. Now, everything is working is fine. Thanks for the help.

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I am new to Bitwarden. I came over from Lastpass because I was having problems with it. I’ve imported my password database. I’m on the free plan. Unfortunately, I’m already instantly having problems. I can login fine with the Firefox extension. I can login fine on the website. But, I cannot login with the Brave extension. The captcha never appears and the extension just hangs up. (PS the OP may wish to try logging into his vault on the Bitwarden website and not via the extension.) I agree with what I’ve read elsewhere that putting a captcha on my password vault, without asking me, is a horrible idea. My master password is adequate to prevent credential stuffing. And, I can always add 2fa if I want more protection. If anyone can tell me how to get the Brave extension working, all suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.