Bitwarden extension fails to login

Bitwarden extension use to work (did not need to verify human then). Refreshed windows 11 and did all windows updates.

Added Bitwarden extension, extensions fails to login after putting in email address, password and clicking I am human for both Chrome and Edge.

I am able to log in to Bitwarden website and windows app…yet browser extensions still won’t login.

Any help in solution is welcomed,


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Hello @Antonio_Andre - welcome! And sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the browser extension.

That’s definitely not expected behaviour. Have you been able to confirm that the EXACT same username (email) and password won’t work in the extension, even though they will allow you to login to the Bitwarden web vault? You would be surprised at how many people discover that their email or password was just slightly off (e.g., missed a character in the email address or missed a capital in the password).

Here is what I suggest you try first: open Notepad and type in your email address and password (do not save). Then copy and paste those credentials into the web vault first to verify that they are correct. If successful, copy and paste the exact same text into the browser extension to see if that works.

If it works, you have found your problem. If not, something is misbehaving, so I would contact the Bitwarden CS team for help and explain what you did above:

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Hello @dh024, thanks for the quick reply.

I tried what you suggested and again it worked for web Bitwarden, but not for the browser extensions.

In addition, I installed a 3rd browser Firefox and installed the Bitwarden Add-on…the login behavior was the same, just stops after verifying I am human…no error messages just stops with my email address, blanked out password, and I am human checked.

Then I installed LastPass extension on my primary browser Edge, and it worked…but I am not a fan of LastPass and really would like to continue using Bitwarden as I have been using it for a while.

Thx again


I have been having the same issue for weeks. I upgraded one of my iMac’s to Big Sur and haven’t been able to login.

Captcha on Firefox extension stalls after verifying.
Captcha on Mac OS 11.6.4 (Big Sur)… same issue.
Captcha on Chrome… same issue.
Captcha on BW browser vault… same issue.
Captcha on EVERYTHING does not login after verifying the photos.

The only way I can use BW is on the devices that I was already logged into.

Hi @Mitch_T - welcome to the community forums! And sorry to hear about your login issues.

I seem to recall that another user had the same issue, and it turned out to be related to an incorrect login name (i.e., email address). Have you scrutinized your login and password right down to the exact character, including capitals? Believe it or not, this is an incredibly common mistake that is easy to make.

If you have another device that allows you to successfully login, that’s what I would compare your credentials to.

Let us know how you make out.

Thanks David. Shaking my head at myself. I changed my email address for my BW account awhile back and forgot I had done that. The Captcha not giving an error and just seeming to get hung up made me think it was a BW issue.

Thanks again!

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I figured it may be a server issue that would go away after a couple of days…nope. I can still login to the website, but the extensions still hangs after the capture is checked. :frowning_face:

@Antonio_Andre - are you using a standard Bitwarden account hosted on the Bitwarden servers? Or are you self-hosting your own instance of Bitwarden to store your vault?

Did you ever contact support like I recommended after your initial post?