Suddenly a requirement for captchas

I work in an environment where I cannot install any browser extensions or applications on the computer, and our traffic transits a proxy. Recently running into a requirement when attempting to login to Bitwarden Web Vault to respond to a captcha, which is seemingly being stripped or blocked somewhere in our network. Is there any workaround for this? Not sure why this just started for me today.

Replying to my own issue. Managed to resolve it. Had to add an exception to in our proxy. Seems to have solved it.

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@Chris_Junny Welcome to the forum, and good to hear you resolved your issue!

Just commenting to state that I also came across an unexpected hCaptcha prompt when logging in to my web vault the other day. These are normally required if there have been 9 consecutive failed login attempts, but that was not the case for me (Bitwarden sends out an email notice when this happens).

I’m wondering if this is a new policy, or a temporary glitch.

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Noticed the same thing yesterday.

As with Chris I would have received emails if there had been nine failed attempts. There may have been one failed attempt that triggered this. As my master password is long I bash it in and press enter. Sometimes I get a character wrong, usually to do with capital letters. If a login fails I turn on the option to see the password, usually spot one mistake, correct it and then login. Not investigated to confirm this, but Bitwarden appears to put the Captcha prompt in after the first failure.

It might be better to only do that after two or three failures. That’s especially true as some of the photos were of low quality.

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