Create account loops on captcha request

I am testing bitwarden and cannot create a free personal account. Here are the steps:

go to
click on personal and then get started today
enter email, name and master password
check box agree to terms of service and Privacy policy
Click create account button
captcha dialog pops up I check I am human and click on pictures of ladybugs
click create account again
captcha dialog pops up with I am human unchecked, I click I am human and check the pictures of sunflowers
this repeats infinitely

It occurs on Windows 10 using Chrome and Edge as well as the desktop application

Working OK for me.
I got the daisies in a pot capthca (twice). Can be hard to spot a sunflower from a daisy sometimes.

I’ve tried at least 25-30 times. Some of them may be hard but the ladybugs are easy. I have no visual problems. I have submitted a support ticket but no reply yet.

Hey @KenG did you get an auto reply back after submitting your ticket? Did you try to a different browser just to check for any interference?

I tried both Chrome and Edge on Windows 10. I also tried the Windows desktop app, all with the same results.
No autoreply from ticket, I will resubmit.

I have create new accounts with Chrome Edge and Firefox on Win 10
no issues except those sunflowers can be tricky and each captcha comes up twice

I responsibly deleted the accounts afterwards. :crazy_face:


Same here, tried different browsers, turned off my VPN etc but cannot get past the login screen even though I passed the capture (multiple times). I installed both Bitwarden and Keepass XC to trial each. At this stage Keepass XC is the winner because I can actually log in and use it. Not a good sign for Bitwarden if you cannot even login. :frowning:

Hey all, if the above doesn’t work, please contact the support team for further troubleshooting: