Alternative to horrible Captcha?


I’m trying to get a friend to use Bitwarden again as he struggles to remember his passwords. But I must say that BW does not make it easy. He created an account a while back but struggled with it, so I persuaded him to give it another go. The issue now is that he’s not sure of the master password, his hint is obvs not specific enough and he’s also falling down with the horrible Captcha process. Sometimes it says to refresh but there’s no refresh button!

Also Captcha uses confusing colours to highlight picture selections (for the colour blind), very US-centric terminology and the images are also unclear and just plain awkward to decipher.

Is there any way to bypass this horrible mess?

Unfortunately for your friend, the only way to disable the hCaptcha is to complete a successful authentication.

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Hi @MrB,

Thank you for your feedback - I will share it with the team. For color blind individuals or others with accessibility needs, they can use hCaptcha Accessibility Access to use an accessibility cookie and skip hCaptcha challenges (on desktop and mobile).

As for the refresh button being missing, I haven’t come across that issue specifically, but if it is coming up often, your friend can reach out to our support team for more assistance.

I would also ask him if he ever set up emergency access? That might be another way to regain access to his existing account.

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Tx for the info. I’ll get my friend to try again soon. When he set it up, obvs I wasn’t going to look over his shoulder to help with the registration process, so he was left to his own devices and that may be the reason that the password hint was too vague.
I think this an area where folks could do with some ‘best practice’ guidance with the registration form on what to use (and why). No one likes filling in forms and so it’s too easy to rush through them without the due consideration required. Also the impact of forgetting the master password may not be obvious. Luckily it seems one can delete the BW account and start again (with no impact in this case since his vault is empty).