Firefox 66.0.3 - Bitwarden NOT VERIFIED and DISABLED

Tonight I opened Firefox to find that my Bitwarden extension has been disabled. It is now listed under “Legacy Extensions” because it can’t be “verified.” I tried to install the extension again via Firefox Add-Ons but when I click on “Add to Firefox,” all I get is a message that says, “Download Failed. Please check your connection.” There’s nothing wrong with my connection. Is this a Firefox problem or a Bitwarden problem? I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but wanted to put the word out there. I know I can log in via the web, however, this is a real PITA for all the passwords I have saved. Thanks for any replies/fixes.

Have you tried reinstalling Firefox? It’s working fine for me and I’m on latest firefox update

You can also get the standalone app that’s avaliable Windows,Linux and Mac ( Works on Brave Browser as well.

This is a temporary Firefox issue.

Please see:

Thank you all for the replies. I have to agree with “bit.” I found out that the Certificate used to sign a lot of the popular extensions expired and now Mozilla has to come up with a fix. When that will be, who knows. A lot of people on their forum are complaining about the same thing (me included), LOL, so it’s NOT a “Bitwarden” problem at all. Again, thank you all for the suggestions and replies. It’s much appreciated. :slight_smile: