Bitwarden Password Manager is not Working On Firefox Browser

For some reason, my BW Password Mgr. app seems to no longer work on my current browser of choice,
Firefox version 66. My current O/S is still Windows 7. I’m still hesitant to use the current Firefox version because the last time I decided to upgrade, it won’t let me install the Bitwarden Password Manager app. Does anyone here know if the latest Firefox version allows this app to be installed now? Or at the very least, what can I do to troubleshoot my way out of this issue?

I am on FF 78.8.0esr without any issues at all.

I’m on Firefox 86.01 with no problems

Apparently the fine folks at BitWarden now send some kind of kill code to disable BitWarden if your stuff isn’t updated to their liking. I’ve been using it for quite awhile now with ZERO problems and suddenly (within the past few weeks) it became unresponsive when I tried to open it on a couple of my laptops which are running winXP and an older version of Firefox. So I tried searching their website for a solution. Their forum and help pages wouldn’t even load. I had to install a hard drive with windows 7 on it and that allowed the helps and forums to load. So then I set up an account thinking that might help. I couldn’t reply to this post using my new login. So I was forced to use my google login if I wanted to post here.
Just to test my theory about the kill code I reinstalled an old hard drive back back into my laptop. I made sure it had no internet connection, opened the older version of Firefox running on XP and was able to access BitWarden and all my saved login data just fine. So apparently it saves your data locally. I then connected it to the internet and within minutes it was acting stupid again. All my login data was gone, my vault was empty. So I logged in to their website to try accessing my data there. No data, EMPTY vault there as well.
Thankfully I have one last device (an android tablet) where BitWarden still works and I can access my data. This has been a really frustrating experience and has me rethinking BitWarden. Yes all my software is really old and a bit slow, but it does for the most part what I need it to do. So it seems like I am being forcing to update / upgrade my all software and equipment just to continue using their “free” service. If the last device that it works on gets damaged, I’m screwed. I really like this product too… sigh. They need to add offline functionality.
p.s. I’m running XP3 and Firefox 52.9.0 ESR on 2009 era Toshiba laptops, but currently posting on here using win7 and Firefox 68.9.0 ESR.
Edit: I screwed up and used the wrong email address to access BitWarden online, so I was able to access my vault / data again on their website. Currently in the process of updating Excel csv. database file I was able to download in case something else goes wrong, at least I have a paper copy then :frowning:

Hi phiksit, thank you for sharing your own personal take and insight on this issue. I’m going to upgrade my FF to a higher version, however reserved my personal stance is on upgrading to the very current version of FF. I do have 3 current browsers that I used when I’m doing my work, or just surfing, however, FF seems to be a personal favorite because I just find it very intuitive user-friendly and I’ve been using this browser for a long time.

My BitWarden browser extension appears to be working again, at least on one of my XP laptops. Before when I would click on the BitWarden icon in my browser all I would get was an outline of the interface and spinning circle of dots. Now it gives me the interface with a log in option and after logging in it’s usable again with access to my vault. I am still unable to access these forum / help pages with XP, so I still have to go on my win7 machine to view and post anything here, but thankfully the BitWarden interface appears to be working again for me.

Yes, our latest version fixed the issue with an older version of FF.

I have been running BW on FF for quite a while without any problems but during the last few weeks I have been unable to use BW as when I click on it to put my master password in I get a message as follows Unfortunately this window is not available in private mode for this browser… Don’t know why this is as I have never used private mode in FF. Looks like a FF problem to me but would greatly appreciate opinions on this please. I am a newbie by the way, this being my first post. .I am aware of the problem with BW in FF private windows. I don’t use private windows…I am using FF96.0.1 on Win 7 Ultimate (32 bit)