Can't log in to BW plugin or website in Firefox 97.0.1 (Fedora Linux)

I recently updated my box to Fedora 35 and Bitwarden works fine in Chrome, but will not work in Firefox (v97.0.1). By “not work” when I try to log in to the browser plugin OR I try to log in to it gives me the error, “An error has occurred. An operation has failed for an operator-specific reason.” I’ve tried clearing browser cache and using a private browser to no avail. As I said, it works fine in Chrome on the same box. Any ideas what’s wrong? TIA!

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I’m having the same problem, but both in Firefox, Chrome, and all browsers. Can’t login to the website to change my most personal settings.

I’m trying to disable 2FA, but that can only achieved via the website.

Same problem on mac (FF 98.0.2)

Same issue here on two different systems:
First System:

  • is a windows 11 pc with newest firefox version (don’t know the exact version number).

Second System:

  • is a macOS 12.3.1 system with firefox 97.0 build 20220202182137 and bitwarden version 1.57.0

With chrome I have no problems…

Hi @Tockra - welcome to the community forums!

There should be no issue using Bitwarden on either Windows or MacOS, so I wonder if you have something else going on. Can we move this to a new thread and try to get you up and running?