✅ Exclude trash from tools

Hi everyone,

I have a lot of passwords on my Trash (from some other password managers import). When I run Tools (e.g. Reused Password Report), these passwords appear and I would love them not to be. Is there a way to achieve it?


  1. This might be related to this other post.
  2. I do not want to delete those passwords completely. I like them on the Trash as an archive.
  3. If not possible, should this be a feature or request or does it already exist?

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This sounds like something we should change, the trash area is effectively a tag/label so we’ll have to make some provisions for this and exporting as well. I’ve moved this thread into the feature request section :+1:

I find this annoying too, particularly in the reports.

I left it for six weeks and then cleared the whole thing out as I have copies elsewhere. I had assumed that the thing would empty after a tine, but it doesn’t.

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  • The trashed items even show up when search is used.
  • The items in Trash will not be removed/deleted after 30 days as they should.

Would appreciate a fix soon.

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Would it make it easier if this just means an extra configurations for labels? For example, I can have my label “Local Services” where I want them to be excluded from tools. Or have my “Temp Passwords” where I want them to expire in 7 days. This allows the Trash, just to be a Label; but it opens a lot of configuration options.

Reports/tools no longer consider items from your trash.