Soft delete items to "trash"



Items should be soft deleted and restoreable in case of things like accidental deletes.

GitHub issue:

Recycle Bin
Recycle bin

I would like to add few optionals or obvious requirements I would have as a user:

  • Setting to set auto-delete from Trash after X days. Not sure how doable this is with everything encrypted, so it might only go ahead with this when bitwarden is unlocked/logged in.
  • Setting called “When moving item to Trash, delete immediately.”
  • Trash has to sync between devices.


Please make this an option, and not a requirement.


Perhaps make “Trash” a special folder, like “No Folder?” Not sure if that would simplify implementation or complicate it.


Absolutely very important especially in a team.


I also support this suggestion


I agree, it’s a must-have feature


I would also suggest an “reminder” option for the administrator, that he can “confirm” the deletion.


Keen for a feature like this, especially if I could have infinite retention and use it as kind of holding ground for old logins that I don’t really need but might want to resurrect some day.


In the case of organization passwords maybe the recycle bin could be accessible only by admins of that organization?


This is high priority for us. Clicking the entry link in the event log entry: “Deleted item %entry-id%” currently takes the user to an empty search.


Agree, this is must have feature for teams.
I think soft deleted items should be searchable only from internal trash search, not at global search.


It is also very helpful when you accidental deleted an entry and can restore it from the trash (even after some days).


I see two use-cases for this feature (and I would use both). The first one is an archive functionality as described above. And the second one is soft delete. I have no problems if both cases are implemented in one feature.

I totally agree. Deleted (“archived”) items should not appear in the “normal” search. But they should still be searchable somehow.

Deletion: If you delete an entry, it should by default be moved into the trash and not actually deleted and auto-deletion after X days should be off by default. Since logins are typically plain text, there is no need to delete anything, storage-wise.
That said, you should be able to permanently delete an item if you delete it from trash. I’m thinking about dummy logins that you make for testing.


Any idea if this feature is being worked on and if so, does there happen to be a timeline on a release?