Soft delete items to "trash"



This option would be kind of crucial.
Is this feature request continued and what is the current status ? It seems neglected.


Trash/undelete feature, including organisations, and backup/restore encrypted vault are the 2 things stopping me moving to bitwarden.

Please advise if these are due to be implemented soon.



need this too. Up


Anything on this? Any ETA? Does devs progress on this?


I’ve just switched from Lastpass and signed up for premium. I noticed the lack of this feature on day 1 and it is definitely something I’d like to see to protect against irreversible accidents.


I also just switched over from lastpass, and am looking forward to using Bitwarden for not only personal use, but if I think the feature set is right, I will pitch that we move our business from lastpass to Bitwarden. I think for that to happen though, this would be a fantastic feature to have.


@kspearrin @Bitwarden - I think it is really impolite not even to answer on that topic. It is a justified and usual request. Why don’t you update on this topic ? What is the current status ? Are you even considering implementing this feature ?
As some of the thread contributors said, this feature is kinda crucial. And nobody wants to fully restore the docker container or mysql instance just to get one password back, especially when having more than one user/organization on it.


Has there been any word on soft delete to the trash yet?


Please add a trash folder for soft delete.

Pros: everyone makes mistales (especially me).
Cons: BW cloud usage never goes down = cost = make it a premium only service!


Same here. In a team it is really required i think.


I got locked out of an account a while back because I forgot to click save.
The password on the site never updated, so my old password would’ve worked.