Clearer communication in application

Greetings team,

During my time learning Bitwarden, I have come from Lastpass, passman, keypass and other systems and the logic of organizations and collections is just not clear enough to me and I would suspect others. For example, I have easily figured out how to import/export and eventually share through organizations.

I wanted to remove folders from my vault so I exported my entire vault. I then manually removed any folderids from the JSON export as well as removed all the folder referenced in top of exported json. I did make a backup of my original in case it went south. I reimported after my manual updating the JSON successfully to find that the Folders were in fact gone from my vault items but they were still available on the left panel of filters just nothing in them. I found that there was no Merge capability so I decided to select all items in my vault and delete.

This was successful and then I reimported my modified exported JSON successfully again and delighted that it was good (aside from the folders still existing that I thought would be gone being I removed them from the JSON before importing).

The main issue I have with the communication is that when I am searching All items category, I found missing password items that I knew were in the original export (not included in the JSON due to them in an Organization. I was startled and realized the pattern was in addition to me deleting all my local passwords, I also deleted all my shared (organization/collection) passwords. I panicked and reset all my passwords on the shared side and reshared. After the fact, I found them in my trash and could have restored them without changing the passwords. I would like to request the following:

  1. When deleting a group of passwords or even deleting a single password that is of type Organization (shared), warn the user with an alert that it includes shared passwords.
  2. When searching the vault with the filter of “All Items”, be sure to communicate that Trash is not included or include the Trash items in the “All Items” search.