'Edit in vault' or 'open in vault' button in browser-app

So I’ve been using Bitwarden for about a month now and I really like it, I do miss some features that I had in Lastpass though like always editing passwords in a new tab. For most things I don’t miss it, for secure notes it’s way easier though.

For context, I have one large secure note containing all my passwords for my ESXi-system and all the virtual machines that are on there and the local passwords. Not ideal but I’m not sure about a better alternative at the moment. Soit, before with Lastpass when I clicked ‘edit’ in the browser-app it opened a new tab with large fields so it was easy to scroll through. Bitwarden doesn’t support this feature unfortunately so I have to scroll through the menu that hovers over.

I’d like to see a button with ‘open in vault’ or ‘edit in vault’ that will open a new tab and directly go to the item to scroll through easily.

Not exactly what you are asking for, but can you use the pop-out button as a work-around? This will create a stand-alone browser window for the extension, which you can resize.


You have to do this before you open the secure note item, though, as the pop-out button is only available in the top level of the various page views (Tab, Vault, etc.), and in the search results view.

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Hello @nhendriks and welcome to the community,

If you are working within large Secure Notes in Bitwarden it may be beneficial to check out the Desktop Application as I know I use both the browser extension as well as the full desktop app, which IMO is invaluable when working between large sections of items, or possibly to also cross-reference between the browser and the desktop app to view multiple different records within the same vault.

One thing though you can try as a workaround of sorts currently could be to open the extension directly in a new tab.
This can be done with the following,

Firefox is a bit more tricky as from what I can tell this creates a random extension ID per Firefox install, or possibly per browser profile and is not given a unique extension ID by the Mozilla add-on store

You can still get around this though, the easiest way I have found with Firefox to figure out the extension ID would be to first have keyboard shortcuts enabled.
Lock the browser extension, you can then use Ctrl/CMD + Shift + L → to Auto-Fill, which with the Locked vault will open the extension in a new Tab and prompt to Unlock the Vault.
You’ll see the URL at the top of Firefox will show something similar to moz-extension://a24c6172-ff1e-64c6-be33-99722214e7de/popup/index.html?uilocation=popout#/home
Simply remove the section after index.html and you should simply be left with something similar to moz-extension://a24c6172-ff1e-64c6-be33-99722214e7de/popup/index.html
You can then bookmark this URL, but this will only work I believe for that local Firefox profile, so if you use a Firefox account to Sync your browser settings such as bookmarks, this would not work on other computers.

I am wondering if the current function for the Pop-out button in the extension could be utilized in a similar manner to Open in a new Tab, rather than to pop-out to a new Window.
I have personally never worked on development of a browser extension, and TBH have very few coding abilities apart from some basic scripting for automation etc. but this may be something that seems fairly viable.
Perhaps this will be a good chance for me to try and learn :sweat_smile:, or maybe someone else might take up the mantle to add this feature.

Opening the extension in a new tab isn’t really a proper workaround to me as I could also keep the Vault itself open in a tab. The desktop app might look useful, didn’t know about that so I’ll check that out!

With the ‘pop-out’ button I didn’t mean a new window, I ment a new tab as well. A new window gets messy very quickly in my opinion.

I know some basic principles of coding but not about app-development but I guess it’s a ‘simple’ implementation, it could just use the server-URL which is already a defined variable, add a string of text (#/vault?itemId=) to that and then another variable which is also defined, it’s the ‘itemId’. Only thing that would need a workaround is the fact that the vault locks when all tabs are closed so the master-password unlock should have a workaround as well but that is only necessary if you want to open the item in the vault itself. Another possibility is the ‘Lastpass’-way by having a custom webpage built in the browser-extension which opens and is integrated. I think this is an easier option to build in than to bypass the locked vault.

I’ve been a Bitwarden user for for several years now. I’ve known about the pop-out option @grb pointed out and use that when I know, in advance, that I’ll need to leave the extension popup before saving changes. But all too often I don’t realize I need to copy data from somewhere else until I’m in the middle of editing. As I mindlessly click outside the extension to copy the text, I loose all the edits I’d made to that point (with no “are you sure” confirmation). I consider myself an above average computer user, so I can only imagine how often my grandma’s changes get lost. Or never saved when we simply forgot to hit the save button.

I’d love it if the browser extension had an option to toggle “edit/add in tab”, for those of us who don’t always realize in advance that we’ll need to copy data from elsewhere before we start editing an item to use the popout feature, such as my grandma and myself. With this option set, the edit (and add) button(s) would take you to the same edit/add screen, but in a browser tab (instead of the popup or a new window) navigating directly to the page that edits (or adds) the vault item.

I noticed as I navigate using the links @cksapp posted (thanks, I didn’t know about those), that it is possible to navigate straight to a vault item (including edit mode) using extension URLs.

Example Extension URLs

  • View Item: moz-extension://{{EXTENSIONID}}/popup/index.html#/view-cipher?cipherId={{CIPHERID}}
  • Edit Item: moz-extension://{{EXTENSIONID}}/popup/index.html#/edit-cipher?cipherId={{CIPHERID}}
  • Add Item: moz-extension://{{EXTENSIONID}}/popup/index.html#/add-cipher
  • Advanced Add Item: moz-extension://{{EXTENSIONID}}/popup/index.html#/add-cipher?name=community.bitwarden.com&uri=https:%2F%2Fcommunity.bitwarden.com

Alternatively, if there is a way to persist the extension popup, that’d prevent the data loss that concerns me most. The Eno from Capital One extension persists an open state (on the original tab) until you close it or click the extension icon.

I just created a Feature Request for that.

In general I think there’s a desire to be able to access the browser extension as a tab. Yes, you can pop out a separate window, but it seems many people would like a workflow where the vault is available as a tab, specifically.

Notably, this capability is available in LastPass, so many recent migrators (such as myself) may be familiar and comfortable with this workflow. The web vault isn’t a 1:1 replacement because the browser extension has different timeout and PIN unlock capabilities.

Examples of user interest (I’m new and can only include two links in post):


More examples (still not exhaustive, but I figure this is plenty):


Coming from Lastpass, this – Edit in Vault/Open Vault Button – request was one of LP’s features (as well as being able to select from a “Recently Used” password link [e.g. sorting]) that I extensively used.

I too, would definitely like to see this post’s feature request added to the new “coming soon” Bitwarden UI. This new UI to include sorting capabilities, in a 12/22 post was promised to be added in 2023. So as it’s 3/24, hopefully it will soon be fortcoming.
Like many things in life, once you have something you like and often take advantage of, it’s tough to no longer have it. :thinking:

Along with sorting, an edit in vault or open in vault browser button like Lastpass has, has been sorely missed, when I transitioned to Bitwarden