Suggestion: Let user change "Pop out to a new window" button action to "Open Bitwarden Web Vault in a new tab", for example

The “Pop out to a new window” button:

My suggestion is to let user change the “Pop out to a new window” button action to “Open Bitwarden Web Vault in a new tab”, for example.

I have never used the button “Pop out to a new window”, but I have found myself searching for the “Bitwarden Web Vault” button for a few times.

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Please no !
To open the vault quickly, press Ctrl or Cmd + T, then start typing vault and your browser should find the right address for you.
There is no method to quickly open the extension in a popup rather than the existing button. And it’s very useful especially when you try to do a lot of things in BW and in another app/website at the same time.

I didn’t mean to remove pop-up completely, just to swap the positions for those buttons.

Yes I understood, but I’m saying that this would mean a lot more clicks to get the popup feature.

Right now you gotta make those clicks for the Web Vault, but whatever. Best option would be probably if you could choose which action is there by default.

As per my response earlier, it’s easy enough to go to the web vault without even opening the extension.

Right now you gotta make those clicks for the Web Vault

  1. Hold Ctrl
  2. Hit T (opens new tab in browser)
  3. type “vau”
  4. hit enter because “vau” brings up in the autofill

Total 6 keys pressed. Zero mouse usage (which imo every 1 second of mouse use is like typing 10 keys for me in efficiency. Especially when the area I am aiming for with my mouse is small >.<)

Edit: just out of curiosity I had my wife test me, and it took me 4.2 seconds to get my mouse on the icon, click, then get my mouse on the icon and click the pop out button.

Took me 2.1 seconds to do the keyboard shortcuts to open the vault in the browser tab like I said above.

I still find it that it would be nice if user could choose what the button does by default because for me the pop-up is totally useless. And using keyboard for opening web vault is not always more efficient, for example, if you want to specifically use the tools provided in the web vault and have the mouse in hand already.
I have changed the suggestion to make it more user-friendly for everyone.