Button to open the web vault from the browser extension

Feature name

Add a button to open the web vault from the browser extension.

Feature function

The main feature I miss about Lastpass is the button that allows to open the web vault using a button in the extension pop up.
Sometimes the web vault is better than the extension, for example when I have to add/edit varius passwords, and at the moment I have to manually go to vault.bitwarden.com and re do the login.
The button in the extension menu instead would automatically log into the online vault in a new browser tab.

I would put it near the top-left button, that open the extension in a separate window (or maybe you could add a setting to choose if the existing button should open the extension in a new window, or open the full featured web vault in a new tab).

OnPaste.20210510-121005 OnPaste.20210510-121851

There is a button to open vault, but its inside Settings > Tools

I see it, but it isn’t in an handy position, and I still have to log in again, whereas with Lastpass it is automatic.