Sort items by date of modification, addition, last use, etc

I have no horse in this race, as I do not work for Bitwarden. However, I do help with moderation of this community form, so my only interest is to ensure that discourse here stays civil.

The CLI is Bitwarden’s Command-Line Interface. It allows you to interact with your Bitwarden vault by typing commands into a command-line shell (e.g., the Windows Command Prompt, Windows PowerShell, or macOS Terminal, or Linux bash shells).

FYI, the Bitwarden CLI does not have any built-in sorting functionality. The work-arounds mentioned within this thread simply use the CLI to create a large data structure that contains all of the vault contents. That data structure is then passed on to a third-party tool (either the Python utility jq, or the PowerShell “commandlet” Sort-Object) which actually does the sorting.

One of many things that Bitwarden developers have been working on is a redesign of the Web Vault UI (the first release of which just came out). The most recent statement from Bitwarden staff on this current feature request is that some type of sorting functionality is going to be incorporated in the redesigned Web Vault UI.