Does this not support subdomains like LastPass does?

Also sent to Support:

We just purchased an Enterprise plan to test this out compared to LastPass. The main issue I’m seeing is the treatment of subdomains. I’ve looked over your GitHub issue with regards to this, but I’m not 100% sure how to implement a fix based on the available options.

Our usecase is:

We have multiple “development” subdomains (in fact, sub-subdomains) each with a unique login per website.

We would have a new item/record for each of those websites. They each have their own username and password.

However, when we create those 3 records, they all show up as options no matter which website we’re viewing in the browser (as long as it has main domain). I realize this is because of the “base domain” which is set as the current default. However, the “starts with” option wouldn’t work in this case either, because…

We would want the example1 record to show up no matter what “page” we’re on for that domain. So, example1 record should show for:

I realize we could fill the “URI” with just to still make use of the “starts with” option. But the goal is to have the “URI” be the true login page of…

…whilst still allowing the password to show up no matter which “page” is showing for that sub-subdomain.

Is there a setting I’m overlooking to be able to do this? LastPass works like this, and we’re ready to migrate from LastPass to Bitwarden with 20+ users, if we can get the subdomain thing to work as expected.

Example in LastPass:

This is particularly useful with WordPress installs, where /wp-admin/ is the login for the install… but sometimes it may redriect to /wp-login.php or it may redirect to /login/. But in all cases we enter /wp-admin/ at the end of our domains for our LastPass record (and ideally the same in Bitwarden).

And we need it to show the password record, no matter what comes after the “subdomain”. So, again, if our record has a single URI of:

Then it should show the password even if the browser is at:

But it should NOT show if the browser is at
(or any other instance of that OTHER subdomain)

We’d rather not just put the subdomain (without /wp-admin/) because then the user would have to manually type that aspect of the URL to get to the login screen.

Again, just saying, but this is working fine in LastPass.

OK, I think I’m seeing that “Host” option is what I’m looking for. The documentation isn’t very clear about this, but it seems to be working for my needs. So, I’ve set that as my “default” within my Chrome extension.

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Try “Host” (instead of “Base domain”).

…too slow. :smiley:

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