Allow for Auto-filling by Base Domain AND Host

Currently, auto-filling is only allowed by sub-domain OR base domain. Please create the option to allow auto-filling for both at the same time, or an option to include all subdomains of the base domain. Alternatively, support for wildcard subdomains (*.fq.dn). Currently, all subdomains have to be added individually, and this is tedious and highly inefficient. How many websites out there use load balancers for logins which point to different sub-domains? A lot of websites also change their login subdomains periodically, which breaks passcards entirely. There needs to be some kind of facility for wildcard subdomains going forward. The limitation that exists now is not conducive to the manner in which web content is served dynamically, and due to the constantly changing landscape of subdomains across the web.

That’s incorrect. The base domain matching option achieves exactly what you are looking for. It matches against the second-level and top-level domain, e.g., so any and all subdomains will also match.

There’s some useful information about URI matching here:

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