Subdomin contains underline "_" bitwarden will not detect it

Hi, new user form lastpass.

after few days using bitwarden, I found that maybe a bug when you open a subdomin that contains underline “_” bitwarden will not detect it and fill it.

for example, if you save the password in “” and you open up “”, bitwarden will detect it and show a “1” mark on bitwarden icon in chrome; but if you open up “”, bitwarden will not detect it at all, you will have to creat a new password for this subdomin.

seems bitwarden will detect that site subdomin has “_” mark as a new site, could someone help me finger out how to slove this problem?

Welcome @zhucaidan! You can add additional URIs to a login item, and you can set the match detection to ‘exact’ for that URI, which should resolve the issue for you :+1:

but I do want match the password across the main domin and subdomin,
I found out this problem only occurs when the domin contains “_”
if I put match detection to ‘exact’, I will not able to autofill the password across the subdomin

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You may also be able to use the regex option to include the underscore, too.

I understand (maybe incorrectly) that underscore ("_") is not a valid character in domain names (it’s valid in email addresses but only in the part before the at-sign ("@") but not in the domain part after the at-sign.

well, I did some research the underscore is valid character, that’s why it can be reslove by DNS.
it just not very common to use, however lastpass does not have this issue, so I thought that maybe a bug in bitwarden