Difference between Lock status and Logout status

I’ve recently started using BW.
I’m confused about Lock status and Login/Logout status.
I’ve been using RoboForm where the user is either Logged In or Logged Out.
I’d be grateful if the difference between the two BW statuses could be explained.

Hello @BWman - I think you will find the information you seek here: Understanding unlock vs log-in.

Thanks very much @dh024.

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It’s pretty simple: Logging in is for getting your data, unlocking is for seeing/using your data. Most users stay logged in all the time, and just use locking/unlocking.

There are also different ways to lock/unlock your vault, instead of using your Master Password for unlocking. Alternatives include using a “PIN” (which could be any alternative password or passcode, not necessarily a numerical PIN) or using biometrics (fingerprint or face scan). These alternatives involve a trade-off between security and convenience, so it’s advisable to make sure that you understand the risks if deciding to use any method other than the Master Password for unlocking.

Thanks also @grb

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