"Exit" vs. "Log out" on BW app - Same thing?

I notice on my BW app that there is an “Exit” option, as well as a “Log out” option. Do they both do the same thing (remove the vault from the phone.) I’m not sure why they would name the same exact function two different ways, so I thought I would ask.

No. Exiting the vault just closes the app, and clears the unencrypted data from process memory. Your encrypted vault data should still be on your device.

Also, please note that in the Desktop app, it is possible to configure the app so that quitting (e.g., by clicking the :heavy_multiplication_x: ) will not even exit the app, just minimize it — in which case unencrypted vault data could be present in process memory, unless the vault has been locked).

Thanks, but it sounds like exiting the app is the same as locking it. “Locking your vault will maintain vault data on the device, so unlocking your vault can be done offline.” Sounds like exiting does the same thing.
And which would you recommend for better security during the day - exiting or locking? (I always log out at the end of the day, for best security.)

Yes, it’s in effect the same as locking. The question in your post title was whether it was the same as logging out.

My recommendation is: Set your vault timeout period to the shortest time interval that works for you, and set the vault timeout action to “Lock”.

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Thanks, that’s currently my setting in both the app and the browser extension, set at 15 minutes. As mentioned, I log out of both at the end of the day.