Default ownership and default collection/folder when creating new vault item

Hi, I think it would be great feature to have a setting to control what the default ownership or organization should be. This promotes sharing and centralization - otherwise the entry would be created in the user’s vault.



Can an option be added to force the way passwords are added to collections?

If teams of users add passwords to a collection they may accidentally leave the owner of the password as themselves.

Collections are meant for sharing but not if it’s handled like a personal vault… it’s a recipe for mistakes to be made.

Your consideration will be much appreciated.

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We do have an item on our backlog to allow admins to specify the organization vault as the default saving mechanism. :+1:


I would like this as well. The basic idea is that my wife and I want to have separate logins, but that only works if she can, by default, save new items to the organization rather than to her own data store. If it’s something she has to do manually it’s not going to happen, and our password storage is going to get fragmented across our accounts.



Any word on this? Many of my non-tech users keep saving passwords as their own, so the team doesnt have access to it!

Coming this month :metal:

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When logged into the Bitwarden Browser Extension you are prompted to save passwords by a banner:

“Should bitwarden remember this password for you?”

While this is quick and easy, it assumes personal ownership.

I am requesting an additional prompt that allows the user to identify ownership of an item when saving credentials from the banner.

This would improve ease of use for enterprise users by eliminating additional steps needed to change ownership after saving.

Delayed shortly - apologies for not updating this thread!

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Definitely interested in this feature too… Any news on this one ?

The ability to set default organization for new items would greatly easy the adoption in family sharing scenarios.

My wife and I actually switched to a shared account because of this issue. It’s a single point of failure, but it makes it usable for non-technical users.

I wonder if different behaviour for different accounts is really what we want though? In a truly shared environment maybe users could be given the option to disable their own vault? Perhaps some businesses might want to do this by default so everything in here is shared, rather than risk passwords vanishing into the cloud when employees leave?

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For our Enterprise organizations, there is a Personal Ownership policy that does require all items be saved to a Collection within the Organization.

We also have a policy captured to ‘default’ to Organization ownership on the backlog, too.


Cool, that’s a powerful incentive to upgrade! I think the default could still be preferable for most though as there are times you do want to keep things to yourself (your TOTP seeds for example).

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I am chomping at the bit to have this in the Family plan orgs as well. Please put this in place!

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i support this request

I would like an option which makes every newly created item automatically a member of a default collection.

Currently creating a new item is a two-step process: 1) create the item, 2) share it to my default collection.
Step 2 should be (optionally!) automatic.

Having step 2 manual means it often gets forgotten!



I would like this feature as well.

agree! in particular would be good to be able to change it


Someone shared their experience, which is nearly identical to mine and my wife’s:

It’s too much trouble and it could be avoided. Simply give each user the option to set a default container for new entries.