Enable specifying org/collection while adding new entry

Enable specifying org/collection while adding new entry

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When using the bitwarden extension in Brave (and I assume any other web browser), if one enters a username/password for a site that is not in bitwarden, or creates a new login/pw for some site, there is usually a message that asks something like, “Should these credentials be added to bitwarden?” and there is a button to make that happen. It should be possible to specify where (i.e. in which org/collection) the new entry should be added. This is a feature in LastPass and without this, family sharing becomes too cumbersome, as explained below.

Detailed use case: I am a LastPass families user, together with my wife, and am looking to move our family to bitwarden. While playing around during the trial period, I have noticed a show stopper (for me, and I imagine for others). I have an organization for the family and some collections in it. My wife is a member of the organization and has access to its collections. When she’s signing into a website with a login/password that is not in Bitwarden, the BW extension helpfully asks, “Should I add these credential to BitWarden?” Clicking the ‘Okay’ button adds the credentials to my wife’s personal vault and that is the only option possible. To share it with the family, it seems she needs to:

  1. log in to the web vault, navigate to her own vault, then
  2. either remember the item she just added (or type in the cryptic search string >+organizationid:* to see which items are in her vault, but not in an organization - doesn’t help if she has a lot of items in her vault and doesn’t remember which one she recently added) then
  3. click the item, then
  4. search for the right gearbox icon,
  5. click sharing, then
  6. share to a particular collection in the org.

This needs to happen every.single.time she adds a new login/password that must be shared with the family (read: not gonna happen!) ALL of this can be avoided if, whilst adding a new login/pw, she can simply choose which org/collection the new entry should be assigned to. LastPass browser extensions have this feature. Alternatively or additionally, there should be a setting to enable me, as family manager, to specify which default org/collection the passwords she adds should go to (Something like this seems to be in your backlog already?). As of now, we can not use bitwarden since it is cumbersome to the extreme to manually do steps 1-6 above, (and when our current solution (LastPass) does not require such steps.)

It seems I am not the first person who would like this feature. See below a number of related requests

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