Set organization as default for new items

My wife and I have a BitWarden premium account. I created an organization and both of us are in it. I want to make it so all passwords/notes/etc. are automatically created in the organization. Is that possible?


I’ve been looking into using an organisation for shared passwords recently, too, and have been wondering if it’s possible to set a default collection within yge organisation when adding new entries.

Haven’t had a chance to look too much into it yet, but it’d be pretty inconvenient to have to add each login individually.

I’m in the same situation:-) It would be very nice if we could select a default collection when creating new items.

Adding my voice here: With my family org we would love this ability, its easy to add a new account but you have to dig to make sure it ends up in the org otherwise have to go back after account creation when someone else in the family goes to find it, realizes its not there, has to ask the owner to transfer to org, sync, then the other person has to sync, then finally access the account…

Now that I type that process out it makes me sad…A sad panda as it were…

We use Bitwarden within our Business and we do NOT want to take away Personal Ownership (as per the enterprise policy) but we DO want to default ALL new items to be created within the Organization. I propose this option as another policy that can be enabled or disabled as I understand it wouldn’t work for all businesses. Its an issue either way - either users are creating organization passwords but inadvertently saving them to personal or if default is changed to organization - then potentially created personal items within the organization. I guess another option would be to FORCE a selection and have no default putting the option further at the top - perhaps this as another option in the policy would be nice.

Looks like there’s a vote-able feature request over at Default Organization/Ownership. Please go there and cast your vote!